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Frequently asked questions regarding domestic plumbing

Here at CB plumbing & heating, we aim to provide a premier plumbing service in Dublin and parts of Leinster. We also want to help our customers with some tips and tricks.

Q. Why is flushing the toilet so noisy?

A. Water may not be flowing properly into the toilet. Sometimes the flushing mechanisms that help you to actually flush the toilet might not be aligned properly.

Q. How do you avoid frozen pipes?

A.  Next blog post will cover this question.

Q. What’s the difference between hard water and soft?

A. Hard water offers increased health benefits since added minerals promote stronger bones and teeth and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.  It is not good for washing clothes or cleaning dishes.

Soft water is created when the minerals in hard water are removed by artificial means. It is better for washing clothes and dishes.

Q. My radiator is not heating properly?

A.  If all your rads are not heating and everything is switched on, then the issue is more than likely to do with your boiler, plumbing or pipework. We do not advise anybody to attempt to fix this problem themselves unless they are trained.  You will need to call out the professionals and arrange a boiler repair.

If it is just the one rad that is not heating then it could be that you need to bleed the radiator to expel any air from the system. This is usually the case if the lower half of the rad is warm and the top is cold.

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